What does an Architect do?
Architects are one of the few design and technical professionals that are trained in a myriad of wide ranging responsibilities. Architects have always been traditionally charged with leading and managing the entire project design and engineering team. An Architect will begin with a client on organizing their program and budget at the beginning of the project. Then, they will design the project, produce the documents, and manage the processes of permitting, budgeting, and assist in selecting the right Builder. The Architect is also deeply involved all the way through the projects’ construction until the client has moved in. They offer the client valuable and needed assistance in managing the execution of their project as well as providing leadership, resource and guidance.

How will having an Architect help me?
Architects provide not only the needed physical documents required for your project, but they provide the client with valuable guidance through the complex route a project takes through Development and Construction. Having an Architect by your side looking out for your interests is invaluable and can save you from not only loss of money, but hardship as well. Also, buildings and spaces that have been thoroughly designed and organized by an Architect tend to have increased value; both monetary as well as desire.

What services do Architects provide?
Architects see the big picture when it comes to your project. They help you explore what appeals to you aesthetically and what you require functionally. They coordinate teams of design, engineering and construction professionals; they sort through the maze of building codes and zoning requirements; they ensure your project is built the way it was intended.

At what point in my project should I involve an Architect?
As soon as you decide you want to build something new, you should start looking for an architect. Architects provide important pre-design services including site evaluation, and can help you explore options you may not have considered. Involving an architect early in the process can help avoid costly missteps, and increase the likelihood of your satisfaction with the project.

My project is relatively small; do I really need an Architect?
If you haven’t worked with an architect before, you may wonder whether your project really requires it. Particularly if your project is your personal residence, it may not seem necessary. Your local jurisdiction will govern on when and if an Architect is required by law to be involved in your project, so some research is in order. However, there are many upsides and benefits to working with a trained and experienced Architect regardless of the size of the project. These range from design and aesthetics to proper management throughout the project from design to construction.

Don’t Architects add substantial cost to a project?
While it’s true that Architects’ fees are an additional project cost, hiring an architect can actually save you money in many ways. Architects can monitor your budget and negotiate to get the best materials and workmanship at a good price. An Architect’s design can reduce energy and maintenance costs. They can turn a difficult lot into a successful building site. And they spend time planning and fully developing your ideas to avoid changes once construction is underway.

How are Architects compensated?
An Architect’s compensation can be based on time, a stipulated sum, a percentage of the cost of the work, the project’s square footage, unit cost (based on number of rooms/apartments, etc.), or royalty in which compensation is a share of the profit derived from the project. Time-based compensation and stipulated sums are most common.

My company is growing out of its’ space, can an Architect help us?
Yes. Architects are trained to work with clients of all scales in helping them asses their programmatic needs and their current physical spaces. This is a part of any project and need not be part of a continuing design project. Architects can offer unique and important insight into any spaces’ potential and advise the client on whether or not it will work for them. Architects routinely provide Feasibility Studies to clients for a variety of potential spaces in order for the client to choose the right one for their company. They can also tailor-craft a growth plan based on that space.

What’s my role in the design process?
Your Architect will depend on you to communicate about your design preferences, functional requirements, and budget. Your timely response to questions and design submissions will help keep the project on track. It is also important for you to raise any concerns you have as the project proceeds, so they can be addressed in the earliest stages. Working in partnership with your Architect, you will help ensure the best possible outcome for your project.

What will VEGA, Inc. do for me?
We will help you organize your ideas and hopes for your project and formulate a plan to accomplish it. We will meet with and work with you one-on-one to develop a direct, personable relationship that will spawn an open exchange of ideas and information. We believe that the most successful projects are born from this type of direct collaboration with our clients. Contact us today so that may help you get your project started.