Landscape Architecture
Influential design and one’s experience of Architecture is not limited to the interior of any building or space. Often times the overall expression of a design intent will transcend the exterior walls of a building and be extended to the outdoor spaces. Landscape Architecture and Design can be as much an extension of the interior expression as it can be a stand alone endeavor.

Landscape Architecture and Design is not limited to just plants, but can also incorporate elements of paving, walls, structures, and lighting to sculpt and define spaces to create free standing environments as well as extensions of the indoor spaces and building forms. Landscape and plantings also provide the chance for the designer to work in the elusive “fourth element”: time. Since plants are living things, their growth over time as well the constant changing seasonal cycles offers the designer the opportunity to incorporate these phases into a dynamic, expressive environment.

At VEGA, Inc. We focus on commercial and institutional Landscape spaces and projects as well as some commercial residential spaces. With over ten years experience in high-end residential, commercial and institutional level projects of varying sizes, VEGA, Inc. can meet you projects’ needs to provide you with a harmonious, functional and beautiful exterior environment.

I don’t divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one.
– Luis Baragan

Allied Building Products Corp.

Major Remodel

For this location in Anaheim, Allied embarked on the first step of a major remodel to one of its’ older locations. This first step was a beautification project for the streetscape along Anaheim Blvd, along which this stretch is location of many prominent corporate headquarters. Read more >>

Residential Condominium

Terrace Remodel

For the remodel of this existing Condominium project, we designed the Landscape for the two exterior Terraces. The project required designing a terrace garden for an urban, 14th floor high rise unit. Read more >>