Executive Services & Consulting

VEGA, Inc. can provide a wide variety of Professional Consulting Services to other allied Design and Building professionals. In the traditional realm of Architectural practice, often times two Architects may be hired for a single project: one to handle the design and the other execute the Development and Production of the design. This latter Architect is known as the Executive Architect. VEGA, Inc. offers all the same services not just to other Architects, but to Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Engineers, and General Contractors.

Our goal is to provide the best possible needed services in order to see a project through to successful completion. It is also through theses services that VEGA, Inc. fosters long lasting professional relationships and partnerships. We can fully integrate ourselves into the project team to provide you and your client with the best possible services; in short, we look good by making you look better.

Our residential client services include new home purchase Pre-Inspection Coordination and evaluations, Pre-Planning and Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Design, Architectural Design and Drafting, and post move-in services. We offer these services for a host of projects which include interior and exterior remodels, additions, and new construction.

 Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.  –   Michael Jorda

Some examples of these types of Executive Consulting Services are:

Design Coordination

VEGA, Inc. will come into a project to work with another design professional or contractor so that a preliminary or Schematic Design can be developed in terms of technical issues and budgetary issues. We work on assembling the technical team of Engineers and other consultants and interface with them and the principal designer to implement their input into the design and document. 

Key elements of this service are:

  • Design Coordination & Evaluation
  • Management of Consulting Engineering & Technical Consultants
  • Budget Coordination & Bidding with General and Sub Contractors
  • Interpretation and Coordination of Legal Building Code Issues

Document Production

Often times in conjunction with Design Coordination, VEGA, Inc. will also produce all the Design and Construction Documents for a particular project. This may include both the Design Drawings as well as the actual Construction & Bid Drawings. 

Examples of such documents are:

  • Design Sketches and Plans
  • Design and Finish Renderings
  • Construction, Bid, and Permit Documents
  • Bid Packages and Forms

Permit Expediting

VEGA, Inc. can coordinate the Permit Documents for appropriate submittals for both Planning Departments and Building & Safety Departments. We will process applications from submittal to corrections to final approvals. VEGA, Inc. has extensive experience with many of the Los Angeles area municipalities as well as Ventura and Orange Counties. 

Typical Expediting services include:

  • Planning & Zoning Department Clearances, Modifications and Approvals
  • Building Permit Plan Check Submittals
  • Building Permit Plan Check Corrections & Clearances
  • Public Works Permits
  • Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Plan Check & Permitting
  • Fire Department Clearances
  • Supplemental Permit Applications & Approvals

Construction Administration and Architectural Project Management

VEGA, Inc. can provide all the needed services for Construction either fully representing the Design Architect or other principal designer. This too is typically an adjunct to our previously provided Design Coordination and Document Production, but can be a stand-alone service.

Examples of typical Construction Administration services are:

  • General Contractor Coordination on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Site Meetings
  • RFI and Submittal Coordination and Responses
  • Document Preparation and Distribution
  • Revision Coordination & Management
  • Final Punch List Coordination and Processing

Construction Shop Drawing Preparation

As a subset of both Construction Documents and Construction Administration, VEGA, Inc. can prepare complex Shop Drawings and Submittals for a wide variety of specific trades requiring these approvals during construction. 

Examples of trades we have provided this to service are:

  • Stone & Tile Fabricators
  • Iron & Metal Fabricators
  • Finish Carpenters & Millwork Cabinet Makers
  • Glaziers & Window Fabricators
  • Landscape Contractors