Los Angeles, California

PROGRAM: New Steel & Canvas Terrace Patio Cover and Outdoor Room

SIZE: 800 s.f.

COMPLETED: October 2012

DECORATOR:  Katie Leede/DBK, Santa Monica, CA

BUILDER & TRADES: GC: Fort Hill Construction, Los Angeles, CA : Canopy: A. Hoegee & Sons, Gardena, CA


The Client wanted a way to protect an existing Sitting Area adjacent to their in-ground pool for their house in the Brentwood neighborhood on the Westside of Los Angeles, CA.  They wanted to create a more intimate and protected enclosure over the fireplace and furniture. A design was created that was in keeping with the Mediterranean/Spanish design of the original 1930’s house and at the same time introduce elements of Hollywood Glamour.

The project was completed in October 2012.