Northridge, California

PROGRAM: New Elder Accessible Guest House

SIZE: 1,800 s.f.

COMPLETED: October 2013


BUILDER & TRADES: GC: Archwood Consulting, Woodland Hills, CA, Electrical & Automation: Current Electric, Northridge, CA, Stone & Tile: StoneArt, Los Angeles, CA, Flooring: , Los Angeles, CA


The Client needed to create a new private Guest House for their aging mother as she entered a stage of increased dependency. VEGA, Inc. was hired to design a simple detached cottage that would meet their mother’s decreased mobility and health. While the program was simple (a Bedroom, Kitchen, Bath, Living Room, and Study), the challenges were to design a level of accessibility that were both seamlessly integrated as well as specifically functional.

VEGA, Inc. designed in elements that allowed accessibility and increasing levels of assistance to be phased in over time to account for her diminishing mobility and health.  Elements such as larger doorways, a continuous level floor with non-slip surface, cabinets with open bases high enough to be used with a walker, and a Bath with a sitting tub and large enough to accommodate assistance.  Also included was a completely integrated Home Automation system that allows the Client to remotely monitor and control the cottage; this includes controls for lighting, climate control, security, and audio/visual.