Woodland Hills, California 

PROGRAM: New Single Family Residence, Sitework

SIZE: 1,125 s.f.


INTERIORS: Owner/Architect



The difficulties of the site and selectiveness of the Client’s program resulted in a unique solution rich in detail and style.  The Client wished to have a home for himself nestled in the wooded hills in the western San Fernando Valley.  The area is dominated by native California Live Oak trees and native vegetation throughout which are neighborhoods of small residences.  Given the small size and difficult access, and sloping terrain of the lot, a vertically organized structure was the result with the Garage on the lowest level accessed from the lower street, a living floor level with the upper street and a sleeping loft above.  The design of the house was inspired by a Japanese design for a compact modular house called Tsubo House.  All the exterior materials were carefully chosen both for their sustainability and durability.  The compactness of the interior spaces required interior materials and design to be uncluttered and lightness.