Lakewood, California

PROGRAM: Remodel Dining Area & Restrooms

SIZE: 4,465 s.f.

COMPLETED: December 2014

INTERIORS: Wendy’s Corporation

BUILDER& GC: Lion Construction

TRADES: Canopy: , SC


In 2013 Wendy’s Restaurant Corporation began a re-branding & remodeling campaign to update and create a thoroughly modern and fresh image to all their stores. The Client, a Franchise owner, become part of the Early Adaption Program wherein they would work in conjunction with Wendy’s Corporate Design to develop and modify the standard design templates for their individual locations. We were hired to modify the Image Activation template to find the solution that would best fit our Client’s existing store.
At this store new exterior store front glazing system along with other exterior finishes and new front roof canopy. Included also was the distinctive red Blade Wall which serves as the main signage wall on the exterior and centerpiece in the remodeled Dining Room. This centerpiece holds a fireplace, TV monitor and creates a room divider. Other items included were new finishes, lighting, furniture, signage as well as upgraded remodeled Restrooms.